Spa Services

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Customized... Personalized...
 Blended Facial for every skin type that includes:

Double Cleanse The First cleanse removes debris such as make-up and excessive dirt on the visible surface of the skin. The second cleanse massages away deep down debris that settles below the skins surface, in the pores.

Oxygenation Supplies a boost of essential oxygen to sluggish, dull skin resulting in a healthier looking and refreshed complexion.

Detoxify Protects skin from damaging smoke, pollution, and dirt. It boosts the efficiency of sunscreen to fight free radical damage.

Exfoliating (Deep) Unclogs pores, tightens, tones, and smooths skin. It also sweeps away layers of dulling dead cells, uncovering fresh and resurfaced skin.

Exfoliating (Gentle) Facial scrub with extremely micro fine granules cushioned in a base of soothing oats and cleansing clay. It gently removes dead cells, leaving skin bright and radiant.

Balance/Tone A mist of heaven over freshly cleansed skin, calms pores and balances ph levels in the skin.

Moisturize and Suppleness Delivers needed moisture to lubricate dehydrated skin and soften fine lines

Unique Skin Problems Personalized custom blended treatments for problem areas, sensitive skin, and Rosacea.

Home Maintenance Our professional recommendation for maintaining your skin care is Bio-Elements. Please consult with our licensed professional for the skin specific products that are right for you. 

Book your custom facial experience today: All Facials start at $65 and up